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Sunroom Makeover: Lake House Edition

When we purchased our lake home a few years ago, we knew we loved the small, quaint sunroom off the back of the house but we knew it could be so much more. When we moved in, it had a futon in it and indoor/outdoor maroon carpet. Everything in the home was so brown and the sunroom seemed so dark and we wanted to brighten it up!

We first took down all of the frilly curtains that were not our taste at all! We removed every piece of furniture from the room and even took up the indoor/outdoor carpet. We stained the floor with a deck stain that we had tinted to a weathered wood color. The floor had many splatters of old paint from over the years but I wasn’t too worried about that since you likely wouldn’t see it anyway and it added to the character of the room!

I made a rug with a 6’x9′ canvas drop cloth I got at the local hardware store. I laid out painters tape in straight lines so many inches apart and painted every other section with some regular interior latex paint, similar to this, that I had sitting around. I did this in my garage with another canvas drop cloth underneath it, so the paint wouldn’t bleed through to the garage floor. I then made an anchor stencil with my Cricut machine and stenciled the middle. Once all the paint was dry, I took an water based polyurethane and coated the entire thing, using just a foam brush, but being sure to get a good even coat on. This will make it so the rug is easier to clean later. See how much just the stained floor and the rug changed the sunroom? Well, we didn’t stop there!

sunroom with drop cloth in place

sunroom during picture

I painted the sides gray but I still didn’t like the brown on the bottom of the windows across the front. The view out the windows is so beautiful and it was being diminished by the ugly brown walls! My husband and I brain stormed and decided to do corrugated metal for the bottom. We went to our local home center and picked some out. We used a tool that was basically like power scissors, that we picked up from Harbor Freight, and it was a lifesaver! We measured the metal and drew our line and cut it into the pieces we needed. Lucky for us, there was a ledge in the room below the windows that helped save us a step and keeps the metal from cutting anyone at the top.

I added some fun spray painted bar stools, a cooler and wah-lah, it’s like a different room! We also added some solar shades that help keep the UV rays out and helps keep it cooler in there in the summer time. The room is now ready for a great summer!

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