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Fall Stand Up Sign for Porch

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I made this stand up sign a couple of years ago for Christmas and had envisioned finishing the other side for Fall so it could be reversible. The sign was made out of a section of our old privacy fence, just like the shutters we did for the lake cabin (read about those here). I looked and looked for ideas on Pinterest and never found anything that I absolutely loved so I put the project aside. How many of you start a project and then don’t finish it?!?! Please tell me I’m not alone!

After our recent move, I decided to finish this project once and for all! I looked on Pinterest and found an inspiration photo. Then it was time to shop for the letters and leaf. I found the maple leaf on Amazon and had it the next day. You can find it here. I stopped into my local Jo-Ann Fabric to find the letters since I wanted to see and touch them in person, while comparing the size with the leaf.

I’d already painted the sign an orange color a few years back (that was all the farther I’d gotten) but I knew the orange color was too bright for my decor. So, I went into my garage and found a copper spray paint and a brown spray paint. I sprayed lightly over the orange color to get a different look, but not knowing exactly how it was going to turn out! I was feeling creatively brave that day clearly! 😉

I decided I’d spray the letters with a spray paint I had that was close to the color of my front door so it would all tie in. Then, for the leaf, I decided on a cream color close to the trim color on the house. Again, for the cohesiveness. 😉 Don’t overthink these projects, ladies!

spray painted letters

Now, it was time to spray paint these puppies and let them sit for a half hour or so. According to the directions on the can, I was probably supposed to let them sit longer but who has time for that?!? I was anxious to see this done after ALL these years! I took some E6000 glue and adhered them to the wood which you can find here. If you do not have this in your tote of glues, you’re missing out! I use it almost weekly! I know what you’re thinking, I must break a lot of stuff…maybe… 😉

And here’s the finished project! I put it together with my milk can (that I found last year at a garage sale for only $5…score!) and a lantern I’ve had for years and an old metal Home Interiors Pumpkin lantern from when I sold Home Interiors. I love pairing new and old together and changing up my door each year but not spending much.

I’d love to see your front porch decor! Send me an email or message me on Facebook.