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Curtains-A Simple Hack on a Budget!

clearance curtains

When we moved into our lake house and had a lot of upfront expenses, as anyone does after moving into a home, let alone a second home! I wanted our Master Bedroom to look put together but man, it had a lot of windows and a large sliding glass door. The price for curtains for the windows would add up fast!

I found two sets of panels on clearance that were the right colors, navy and blues. I purchased them, knowing I would need all four panels for the sliding glass door alone. What would I do for the five other smaller windows that needed valances? I walked around the store and debated how I was going to make it work.

clearance curtains

I decided to go back to the aisle and see if there were more packages of the panels. The other windows didn’t need long panels, but I could make them work! I found more packages of panels! So, I took them home and cut the panels into 14″ long panels, but kept the width of each panel. This limited the number of hems I had to do. Honestly, the first valance I cut, I used the existing rod pocket so I didn’t need to sew that either.

For the other valances, I simply folded the top down and sewed it to create a rod pocket for the curtains. The length of the valance curtains and the size of the rod pocket depends on the size of your windows and the size of your rod so this can vary. For the bottom of the valance, I folded it about a 1/2″ and then stitched across to create the hem. This is a very simple valance and you can of course make it more complicated!

valances and pillows

This was a very easy to make ‘almost matching’ valances on a budget! The only reason they didn’t match is because they were stripes and the stripes didn’t all match. But you can see in the pictures that they were close enough to coordinate!

This was the first day we moved in.

I also had leftover fabric so I thought I would make matching pillows. The tutorial I used is here Since the day we moved in almost 5 years ago, I’ve since repainted and decorated. Just this past weekend, I recovered a headboard I’d used in our old home and put it up, but as you can see, I’m still using the original pillow covers I made! I love how it’s complete now and there are many patterns with the nautical feel.

I’d love to know, have you made your own curtains or pillow covers?? How do you decorate on a budget? Email me at