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Hi, I’m Leslie Johnson. I’m a wife & stepmom to two great kids, Mimi to four beautiful grandchildren, and a Doodle Mom to our goldendoodle, Hallie, in Kansas City, Missouri. I went to college and earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Managing Information Systems many years ago. Through college, I learned very quickly that I was not put on this Earth to sit behind a computer all day; I needed interaction with people and specifically enjoyed helping women. Over the years, I’ve sold through many direct sales avenues, like Mary Kay and Home Interiors. I enjoyed direct sales because I had a team of women that I coached and worked to help women feel better about themselves and their homes. It’s the experiences and the skills I learned with these companies that has led me to owning my own company today.

I’ve always been creative around my own house, never being afraid to try the latest Pinterest idea or use a power tool. Through my projects, I’ve helped women around me put their fears aside and be confident in whatever they wanted to try, whether it be a project or a business idea. You’ll see in my blog posts various projects I’ve completed and I hope they inspire you to take on that project or jump feet first into that business idea you’ve been pondering about!

In my shop online, you’ll find many personalized items but it is not a conclusive list by no means! The opportunities are endless when it comes to gift giving or ideas. Many clients come to me to help them design shirts or tumblers for an upcoming event for themselves or a group. No project is too small or large. I am an active networker and if there’s a project I can’t do, I likely know someone who can do it.

You can catch me weekly on my Lives on Facebook.

Below is a video I did for my Business Coach, Jennifer Allwood’s latest course offering, Creators Roadmap. Creators Roadmap VideoCreators Roadmap Course-Jennifer Allwood